Joe Koup

Joe Koup


Bench Press: 285 - Couple years ago 😊

Clean and Jerk: 250

Snatch: 178 - BW back then

Fran: 3:54

Grace: 2:41

“Nate”: 189


CrossFit Level 2 Certification
USA Weightlifting Certification

About Coach

Always an athlete growing up. Started lifting competitively my sophomore year in high school. Played college baseball. Found CrossFit after years of being sedentary. Began to enjoy fitness again and wanted to encourage people to do the same.

Turning Point

Not sure I’ve hit my turning point yet, but CrossFit has shown me that I can grind things out when I’ve doubted myself and my abilities.

Motivation & Passion

I think everyone needs to have someone they believe in and pushes them when it’s needed. Safely of course.

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