Tyler Garrey

Tyler Garrey


Double overhand deadlift 450 x2

435 back squat are all time records

I enjoy the Army 10 miler, 5k’s and partner WODs on weekends




About Coach

Fitness has always been something I enjoy. As I get older I’m happy to have my health and continue to work out because I realize it’s about longevity and no longer about being macho at the gym. Fitness remains a constant avenue for stress relief, enabling me to do better at my job, with my family, and with any activities of daily living.

Turning Point

When I started my fitness journey I wasn’t sure what I really wanted. I was tired of being the super skinny, weak guy whose only athletic talent was running. When I joined the Army, a CF coach introduced me to measurable, functional, and constantly varied workouts that were fun and stimulating. I was almost always sore afterward. Now I maintain a balance among multiple forms of fitness, all of which are encompassed within CrossFit.

Motivation & Passion

Coaching allows me to meet like-minded people. Those looking to better themselves focused on longevity, and earning that extra donut or slice of lasagna. I enjoy educating and coaching athletes from all walks of life and in different chapters of their fitness journey. From seasoned college athlete to the stay-at-home parent who hasn’t played sports before, all clients bring value to the CrossFit gym and it is my pleasure to be a part of their fitness journey.

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