Noelle Isaak

Noelle Isaak



Crossfit Level 1 Certification
Crossfit Level 2 Certification
Crossfit Gymnastics certification
USAW weightlifting certification

About Coach

I did not grow up playing sports or really being involved in much of anything athletic. I definitely enjoyed being active as a kid but never played team sports. I found Crossfit just over 8 years ago when my kids were already 5, 3, and 3. I was very hesitant to give Crossfit a try, but once I stepped foot inside and saw the amazing community aspect, I was hooked. I quickly found myself pushing harder and reaching new goals that I never even knew I had. I discovered so much about myself and my abilities and I loved it. Soon I realized that I wanted to help others discover similar things about themselves. I wanted to help others see their potential and learn to set and reach new goals. I became a coach and have loved watching others grow and experience all they can with Crossfit.

Turning Point

I guess one turning point for me was discovering how hard I could fight to return from an injury. I snapped my Achilles tendon in 2019 and had to have surgery to sew the tendon back together. I found myself completely non-weight-bearing, and not able to fully do everything I loved doing in the gym. I decided to turn the setback into something I could grow from. I did all the upper bodywork that I could do. I made modifications to workouts and pushed myself to work as hard as I could up to my limits. I knew I had to be smart and not injure myself further, but I listened to my body and ended up recovering remarkably well. I think the positive attitude during the injury went a long way. I feel like it helped me become a better coach because I had to push past some big hurdles both physically and mentally while I recovered.

Motivation & Passion

I have a passion to help people find their passion. I get so motivated by watching people overcome their own fears and find their strength and crush their goals. My favorite moments are when someone discovers their own abilities or strength they never knew they possessed.

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